Neighbor Doorknob Hanger

Thanks to good neighbors, I have shared a ladder, an inflatable bed, chairs, a bike, an air pump, wi-fi, books, a drill, an iron, professional studio lights, a corkscrew, a large pot, wine, and food. And this was only amongst a few neighbors because I rarely bumped into most. In a time where texting has made phone calls seem invasive, a door knock feels nearly violating. I created this double-sided doorknob hanger that could be torn out of GOOD Magazine and used as a tool for residents in close quarters to offer and borrow things from their neighbors without disturbing each other at a bad time. It is an invitation, a validated request, and a low-tech status update for your door to provide a friendly platform for connecting at everyone’s convenience. Print your own with these pdf files of side 1 and side 2.

2010, Card stock, 3.5″ x 9″. Featured in GOOD Magazine’s April 2010 issue.