After the End


Light the Barricades at the Mint Museum

Charlotte, North Carolina
February 24 – July 25, 2021
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Reflect on your relationship with doubt at the illuminated wall and share more through a growing video installation of handwritten responses in the galleries. Light the Barricades continues at the Mint Museum with generous support from Charlotte Center City Partners.

Photo by de’Angelo Dia

Process, Projects

The Letter A

The mesmerizing diversity of the letter ‘a’ handwritten by 651 people. Detail of a work in progress, ink and mylar on canvas.


Light the Barricades Book

Impressing other people is killing the true me… I judge others in terms of my own deficiencies… I fear my grandsons will not heal… My inclination toward oblivion… I worry we are losing our humanity… My pride that prevents me from changing… Accepting and letting go with equal measures of grace. These are just a few of the hundreds of handwritten reflections that have moved me and might offer consolation and courage to you too. They are in our limited edition Light the Barricades book, a meditation on the psychological barriers in our lives and a labor of love over the last year. Available at Ritual Fields.



First Sketches for Light the Barricades

When the Annenberg Space for Photography invited us to create a public installation as part of their exhibit on the history of walls, we thought about walls both physically and psychologically. Walls that prevent us from connecting with others and ourselves. The wall as a site to contemplate difficult material and even atone. Inspired by many things, from the ancient I Ching to the speculative worlds of cyberpunk to the billboards that dominate our cities, we started sketching images of people gathering before an illuminated wall in the middle of the night. A year later, the installation opens September 5, 2019 across Los Angeles. More here.


A Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful


Before I Die

Cordoba, Argentina. Photo by Jenny Carden
Najaf, Iraq. Photo by Moja
Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Shake Shack
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Savannah, GA. Photo by Trevor Coe
Pohang City, South-Korea. Photo by Shin Yuran
San Francisco, CA. Photo by Kristina Kassem
Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by BeforeIDieSA
Cordoba, Argentina. Photo by Bernd Biedermann

The Atlas of Tomorrow





She Dreamed of a Place Called Fat City










Love Destroys Time


School of the Future



Photo by Kimberly Nichols
Photo by Todd Douglas
Photo by Todd Douglas
Photo by James Reeves
Photo by Todd Douglas 
Photo by Todd Douglas
Unless credited otherwise, photos by Candy Chang.

Looking for Love Again



Within this space, themes already emerged. For memories:

Memories of the Tiki Bar on the top floor

Ghost story of room 303

Themes for hopes:

Desire for a grocery store

Desire for an Indian restaurant

Desire for modern apartments downtown

Part of the team. Photo by resident

Photos of the process:

Photo by Carol Hayden
Photo by David Hayden
Project coordinator David Hayden. Photo by resident
Photos by Candy Chang unless credited otherwise. You have permission to use above photos for publicity about this project.







I Wish This Was





You Make Me Feel So Mahtava


Neighbor Doorknob Hanger


A Nice Place for a Tree