Everything in Unison

Ink and gesso on canvas
48 x 48 in | 121.92 x 121.92 cm

Part of Chang’s Unison series, which isolates the same word handwritten by numerous visitors to her installations, forty personal expressions of the word everything float in a grid within a black square. Chang burnished the image, excavated sediments of paper until only black ink remained infused in the canvas. The result is a composition devoted to an overwhelming concept that encompasses the human craving for order amid a vast universe. 

Chang’s approach is informed by traditional Chinese reproductions of venerated texts, from ink rubbings of philosophical inscriptions to calligraphic tracings of scholars’ poems. Inspired by religious prayer books and objects for private devotion, Chang consolidated this expansive idea written by dozens of people to create an artifact that presents the contemplation of interconnectedness as a tool for worship.