At Age Fifty-Nine

J. and Night Zag Wall (1969-1974) by Louise Nevelson (when she was age 75) at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas

“For twenty-five years, from the time she began to exhibit her work, critics praised her art but she sold almost nothing. Then in 1958, at age fifty-nine, she hit the big time. And during the next twenty-eight years of non-stop work she churned out thousands of sculptures, collages, drawings, and prints, and she became a star… Long before the women’s movement got underway, Nevelson was living the life she wanted, sleeping with the men she was attracted to, swearing like a sailor, and never taking a day job… ‘If you have talent and don’t use it, it makes you neurotic and you die.'”

Louise Nevelson: Light and Shadow by Laurie Wilson