I Am Still Here (a response from A Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful), Ink on paper

Through the activation of public spaces around the world, artist Candy Chang creates rituals that uncover the complexity of our inner lives. Her practice includes participatory installations of anonymous, handwritten reflections, as well as reproductions of these reflections through video and mixed media. She is caretaker of over one million handwritten anxieties, hopes, pains, and moments of grace in the 21st century. More.


Current Work

Installation and Exhibition
Light the Barricades
The Mint Museum
Charlotte, North Carolina
February 25 – July 26, 2021

Before I Die

Scottsdale, Arizona
June 30 – Dec 30, 2021

Exhibit panel discussion
We Were Distracted: A Conversation about Ritual, Attention, and Public Space
Candy Chang, James A. Reeves, and de’Angelo Dia
The Mint Museum
Charlotte, North Carolina
June 2, 2021
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Our limited edition Light the Barricades book is a meditation on emotional barriers. Featuring hundreds of handwritten reflections from visitors and guidance on doubt, resentment, and judgment.

Our original soundtrack for Light the Barricades is featured in a three-part anthology of ambient music via Brooklyn label Mysteries of the Deep.

Upcoming Work

New installation
Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn, New York
September 2021