Neighborland is a civic tool co-founded by Chang, Dan Parham, and Tee Parham to help residents and organizations collaborate on the future of their communities. Chang has been to many community meetings where the “voice” of the community ends up being the handful of people who can attend or the loudest people in the room. This tool aims to make the civic process more accessible, inclusive, and engaging. The online component allows residents to voice their hopes for their communities and easily share knowledge, resources, meetings, updates, and more. Organizations can also ask questions to their communities regarding real world projects and pair online pages with public installations to enable a more inclusive process. Developed with support from Tulane University and the Rockefeller Foundation, the tool is now available everywhere in the U.S. and communities have used Neighborland to enact real change, including night markets, bike lanes and signage, pop-up stores, blight improvements, park events, community centers, and food truck regulation reforms. For inquiries, please contact Dan Parham.