Kissing, Crying, and Freaking Out in Public

Kissing, Crying, and Freaking Out in Public is a series of public installations in Hong Kong that play with the boundary between public and private, isolation and connectedness, and the way technology, crowds, specific buildings, and messaging can mediate a citizen’s perception of solitude and community. By adopting the visual language of Hong Kong’s municipal signage, these unexpected and incredibly personal questions force the busy pedestrian to reconsider her emotional relationship to the city and suggest new possibilities for the way we describe our places. Part of the deTour: Design Renegade exhibition, the project was a collaboration with James A. Reeves and included aluminum signs, adhesive signs, banners, a project site, and a chalkboard wall for residents to share in public.

2013, Hong Kong. Aluminum, vinyl, chalkboard paint, chalk. Exhibition organized by Rebar, Out of the Box Projects, and the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design.