Tenants’ Rights Flash Cards

Renters' rights made fun

Chang created a deck of 30 flash cards that translates New York state’s official Tenants’ Rights Guide into a more accessible and engaging format that covers major topics from security deposits and subletting to paint and privacy. 10,000 decks of flash cards were sold by Tenants & Neighbors and all proceeds went towards their work (now sold out). Created with generous support by a Sappi Ideas That Matter grant.

2008-2009. 3″ x 4″ die-cut cards on heavy 12pt coated cover stock. 


Tenants' Rights Flash cards

Tenants' Rights Flashcards

New York tenants' rights flash cards painting walls


New York tenants' right flash cards entrance services

New York tenants' rights flash cards locks

New York tenants' rights flash cards pets

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