Atlas of Tomorrow thumb


The Atlas of Tomorrow

Fat City headon w person


She Dreamed of a Place Called Fat City


Love Destroys Time facade from right


Love Destroys Time

School of the Future grandma writing


School of the Future

    Photo by Kimberly Nichols Photo by Todd Douglas Photo by Todd Douglas Photo by James Reeves Photo by Todd Douglas  Photo by Todd Douglas Unless credited otherwise, photos by Candy Chang.

Crying in Pubilc zone sign freak out


Kissing, Crying, and Freaking Out in Public

slide Confessions



Candy will be Artist-in-Residence at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, organized by The Cosmopolitan and Art Production Fund. She will create a space for people to anonymously write their confessions and see those of the people around them. Come visit her and the hotel’s gallery space P3 Studio for catharsis, voyeurism, and perspective and to see you are not alone. July 19 – August 12, 2012. Gallery hours: Wed-Sun 6-11pm. More here…

Before I Die NOLA house front


Before I Die

Cordoba, Argentina. Photo by Jenny Carden Najaf, Iraq. Photo by Moja Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Shake Shack Almaty, Kazakhstan Savannah, GA. Photo by Trevor Coe Pohang City, South-Korea. Photo by Shin Yuran San Francisco, CA. Photo by Kristina Kassem Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by BeforeIDieSA Cordoba, Argentina. Photo by Bernd Biedermann

slide Looking for Love Again


Looking for Love Again

    Within this space, themes already emerged. For memories: Memories of the Tiki Bar on the top floor Ghost story of room 303 Themes for hopes: Desire for a grocery store Desire for an Indian restaurant Desire for modern apartments downtown Part of the team. Photo by resident Photos of the process: Photo by […]

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I Wish This Was grid Marigny


I Wish This Was