Neighbor Doorknob Hanger

Hang and share resources

Thanks to good neighbors, Candy has shared a corkscrew, a ladder, an inflatable bed, an air pump, chairs, a bike, wi-fi, books, a drill, an iron, professional studio lights, a large pot, wine, and food. And this was only amongst a few neighbors because she rarely bumped into most and had limited ways to break the ice. In a time where SMS has made phone calls seem invasive, a door knock feels nearly violating. Her neighbors could be in their pajamas, eating dinner, fresh out of the shower, or making out, and suddenly she’s banging on their door.

So when GOOD Magazine invited her to contribute to their 2010 Neighborhoods issue, she wondered if she could take advantage of the format and make something that could be torn out of the magazine and used as a tool. The Neighbor Doorknob Hanger is a simple, double-sided sign that provides a friendly platform for residents in dense quarters to offer and request things at everyone’s convenience. One side says “Please Disturb” and makes space for you to list offerings and choose how you prefer to be contacted – a knock at specific times that are good for you, by phone, or by email. The other side of the doorknob hanger says “Can I borrow?” and provides the same format for requesting things. Think of it as an invitation, a validated request, or a low-tech status update for your door, so we can share more resources without interrupting each other at a bad time! If you missed the issue, you can print your own at home with these pdf files of side 1 and side 2.

2010, 3.5″ x 9″, Printed on card stock in GOOD Magazine’s April 2010 issue. 




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