Las Vegas, NV

Interactive gallery installation in The Cosmopolitan that invites people to anonymously share their confessions in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Amidst casinos, restaurants and bars, Chang invited passersby to write confessions on wooden plaques in the privacy of confessions booths. Chang arranged the anonymous plaques on the gallery walls, painted select responses on 4’x4’ canvases, and orchestrated the space with an original score by Oliver Blank. The project was an experiment around anonymity, vulnerability, understanding, and consolation in a place of secrets and debauchery. Inspired by Japanese Shinto shrine prayer walls, Post Secret, and Catholicism. Commissioned by Art Production Fund.

Some of the 1500+ confessions: I still love her two girlfriends and five years later, I’m scared I’ll die alone, I eat too much cheese, Came here married to one girl and left married to two girls, I sold heroin to my friend and it ruined his life, I stole over 15,000 from the company I work for, I like porn more than my husband does, I don’t know what I am doing and I’m running out of time. See all confessions on the site.

2012, Las Vegas, NV. Wood, aluminum, acrylic on canvas, string, fabric, ink. 1000 sq ft gallery space. Installation assistance by Abraham King, Kristina Kassem, Wendalyn Lewis, Caroline Oh. Organized by Yvonne Force Villareal, Krista Salley, Lily Tran, Casey Fremont Crowe, Sheila Marcello, Cory Mervis. 

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