Five Ways to Redesign a City

Rachel Abrams, Creative Director of Turnstone Consulting, wrote a cool article “Five Ways to Redesign a City” for the UK Design Council magazine about ways interaction designers can tackle urban issues in various cities around the world. She asked me for any thoughts and included good ol’ Helsinki and its public transportation-tracking tools with a little Atari reference from me. Watch the buses move in real time! An arrow notes the direction and the icons jolt every few seconds like a city version of Asteroids. And that’s just gravy because the trams, buses, and subway here are impressively precise. If the schedule says the bus is coming at 9:23 it comes at exactly 9:23. Low, predictable vehicular traffic makes this easier, plus an unsympathetic attitude towards stragglers. If you’re a second too late, the driver shuts the door and burns rubber past your puppy-eyed face. It’s the dust-eating price for reliability.

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